Beds SU: Who are we and what do we do?

Published by Beds SU

When you join the University of Bedfordshire, you don’t just join the university – you also become a member of Bedfordshire Students’ Union (Beds SU)!

Beds SU is led by four Student Officers – two Co-Presidents and two Co-Vice Presidents – who are elected annually by University of Bedfordshire students to lead the Students’ Union.

We are here to help every student at the University of Bedfordshire get the most out of their university experience. We campaign on issues that you care about, as well as providing lots of opportunities for you to meet new people, develop your skills, campaign for change and try something new.

Beds SU has offices in both Luton and Bedford where you will also find sports bar venues and a whole host of weekly events for students but we have a virtual presence across all other campuses to ensure all students feel part of the SU.

Our Services

The services we provide to our members are broadly split into four categories. Those categories are:

  • Community
  • Student Voice
  • Events
  • Advice



Societies are created and run by student committees and provide an exciting way to connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends, whether through a shared hobby or personal interest, being part of the same course, or having a shared faith or culture.   

Work with us

Another great way to meet people and get involved to is to apply for one of our many voluntary or paid roles, all of which fit around your studies and commitments.

Student Voice

Academic Reps

Academic reps are the voice of students on their course who champions student views and ideas to the university. They work in partnership with the university, the Students’ Union and their fellow course-mates to enhance the learning experience.

Executive Officers

There are four full-time officers, each representing different aspects of the student experience. Two Co-Presidents who lead the SU’s vision for the year with a focus on academic matters alongside two Co-Vice Presidents with a focus on supporting and championing equality and campus experience for all students


Our mission at Beds Students’ Union is to make sure you are heard – and campaigning for change is a big part of that. We campaign on a range of issues that affect students both on campus and in the wider community.  We’re not party political, but we are political for students.

Campus Officers

Campus Officers work on a part-time voluntary basis to ensure that each campus is represented across the Union

They are the voice of students on your campus, ensuring that Beds SU and the other elected Officers are considering and working to improve the student experience on these sites.

Student Networks

The purpose of Student Networks is to represent the diverse characteristics of the student membership. They exist to advance the representation of student communities that are widely acknowledged to experience or have experienced oppression, exclusion or disadvantage.



Arranging events where students can meet one another and build their network forms a core part of our service. Our events cover a wide range of interests, including big nights out and training sessions.

During the pandemic, we worked hard to bring our students a variety of online and on demand events and we will continue to run a number of activities and events in this way along with a host of physical events to ensure all our students, wherever you are get to enjoy some extra curricular activities.


Our venues on the Bedford & Luton campuses provide a relaxed setting for casual study and socialising and a base for our big headline events. Coffee, hot and cold food and alcoholic drinks are served throughout the day.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to our venues. Please keep an eye on the website for opening times.


Advice & Support

We hope that you will never find yourself in circumstances where you will need our support, but if you do the Beds SU Advice Service are on hand to assist you.

We can support students with:

  • Academic Disputes
  • Housing
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Finance
  • Safety Matters
  • Student Conduct & Complaints

We provide impartial, independent and confidential advice on all aspects of university life. We are also associated with local community organisations, so if we’re unable to help you directly, we should know someone who can.

Discover more

You can find out more about the plethora of services Beds SU provides its student members on the main website.