Birmingham: Get to Know Your Campus

Published by Beds SU

Welcome to the University of Bedfordshire! Although COVID has put a temporary halt on in-person activities, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be going back to in-person classes at some point before you finish your degree. This resource is meant to help you get to know your campus and the surrounding area!

Your Campus

The London School of Commerce Birmingham is located on the 17th floor of the McLaren Building, 46 Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LR. A five-minute walk from the Bullring, there are a tremendous amount of shops, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy. Students amenities include a library, student common room with vending and coffee machine and reduced-fare parking (enquire with LSC reception on the 17th floor about how to activate this discount).

Beds SU advice: don’t count on the common room. During break times, it is very crowded, and often there are not enough seats for students. Don’t be afraid to step off campus and discover the fascinating urban environment of central Birmingham.

Coffee Break


Address: 56 Dale End
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An authentic Indonesian café serving fresh coffee and small bites, this shop offers some of the best coffee in Birmingham. From the full range of espresso drinks to pour-overs, Ngopi roasts all their beans in-house. The friendly staff here will help you with your order, and if you are lucky enough to pass the café in the morning, you will certainly catch a lovely whiff of the daily roasts!

Tim Hortons

Address: 112-113 New St.
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A Canadian staple relatively unknown in the UK, Tim Hortons is a down-to-earth fast food café with all sorts of coffee drinks, doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches. Grab yourself a “double-double” (coffee with two sugars and two creams) with a maple syrup doughnut and enjoy a bit of North American comfort!

Joe & the Juice

Address: inside of Grand Central
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Need a respite from the hustle and bustle of Grand Central? Joe & the Juice, a Danish café specializing in fresh juices and coffee, is your answer. Located on the mezzanine level of Grand Central, this café is an ideal spot to settle in for a study session or coffee break after a long day of coursework.


Boston Tea Party

Address: 190 Corporation St.
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Perfect for a sit-down lunch with friends, Boston Tea Party brings the foodie revolution to Birmingham by offering innovative takes on classic dishes: burgers, salads and toasts all get the gourmet treatment at a fair price!

Thai Express

Address: inside of Grand Central
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For a quick and easy made-to-order Thai experience, Thai Express is your go-to. Richly seasoned noodle and rice dishes are the focus here. The tofu pad thai ordered very spicy is a can’t miss. 


Address: inside of Grand Central
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Offering an authentic burrito experience, Tortilla is a consistent go-to. Made to order Mexican food is on offer here; and while burritos are on center stage, Tortilla also has tacos, salads, and quesadillas on the menu. Don’t miss the marinated jackfruit burrito – great for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


Birmingham NHS Walk-In Centre

Address: 66 High St.
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Nearest walk-in health center, a 4 minute walk from campus.

Religious Life

St. Michael’s Church

Address: Moor St.
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Catholic church within a four-minute walk of campus.

The Church at Carr’s Lane

Address: Carr’s Lane
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Methodist inclusive church within a five-minute walk of campus.

Sufa Islamic and Khatme Nabuwat Education Centre

Address: St. Andrews St.
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Nearest Islamic centre offering communal prayer times. Within two miles of camps.