Feeling anxious about returning to campus? We’re here to help

For University students, the last year and a half has been a very anxious and unsure time. Ultimately, returning to on-campus learning is a benefit for most student’s education, but it can be a tricky time at all levels of study. Although some people may be looking forward eagerly to the return of on campus … Read more

How to be a Greener Student

Depending on where you live on the planet, life is one gigantic environmental impact from cradle to grave and beyond, as the plastic stuff you didn’t recycle or was landfilled on your behalf, will stick around in the environment for thousands of years. Your environmental impact is also dependant on where you live. Almost 1 … Read more

Improve your Mental Fitness with the Fika App

The University has teamed up with Fika to help support you. With advice and interactive sessions around confidence, presentation skills, relaxing, breathing techniques, focus, motivation and many more, there are loads of courses available to help you.   Most sessions take approximately 5 minutes, are bite-sized and can be undertaken more than once. You can … Read more

The Brand New ‘Beds SU Housing Guide’ is Here

Finding housing during your studies can be challenging. Knowing your rights and the rules that you and your landlord need to adhere to when entering into a tenancy agreement can take time.  To help you through the process of finding somewhere to live, Beds SU has put together a Housing Guide which contains details on … Read more

Sunflower Scheme

The Sunflower Scheme – Supporting Individuals with Hidden Disabilities

The Sunflower Scheme is a global initiative aimed at offering individuals with hidden disabilities a simple way to make their invisible impairment visible through the wearing of a lanyard, wristband or presenting a card displaying the sunflower logo. Beds SU is a member of the Sunflower Scheme Beds SU proudly signed up to support the Sunflower Scheme in 2020, … Read more