Keeping Yourself Safe: Drugs and Alcohol Advice

Published by University of Bedfordshire

For many, starting University is the dawn of a new beginning. For most of us, it means all sorts of new experiences. It is important however to understand the risks and know where to go to for help and advice – especially regarding Drugs and Alcohol.

In this post, we have listed helpful resources to help you better understand the risks, not just criminally but also to your health regarding drugs and advice around managing your alcohol use.

Bedfordshire Police

If something happens, or you have concerns and you want to make a report, there are many ways you can do this.

Talk to Frank

Talk to Frank has a quick search function to inform you about the risks of all drugs. It also has a free 24/7 helpline for anyone who requires advice from a professional.

Drugs and Me

Drugs and Me provides accessible, objective and comprehensive educational material to help reduce the short and long term harm of drugs.

Know the Score

Know the score is a website and 7 day a week helpline to inform people about the latest news and advice around drugs.


This NHS website advises very specifically on the amount of alcohol use to keep risks to a low level and other useful tips and advice to help manage alcohol use.

Drink Aware

Drink Aware is a site with a range of tools to assess and help reduce and manage your alcohol use.

Alcohol Change

Test your knowledge on alcohol with this quick quiz from Alcohol Change.