‘I Think I May Have Dyslexia’ – Talk To Us!

Published by University of Bedfordshire

Sky completed an MA Education (Special Educational Needs) at the University of Bedfordshire. She spoke to Prospects.ac.uk about how she discovered she had Dyslexia.

“My postgraduate degree taught me that I am dyslexic. During my undergraduate degree I was always slower than my friends at completing assignments and I just shrugged it off.

“Although I gained a 2:1 for my undergraduate degree, I was unhappy knowing that I should have looked in to why I always missed out on the high grades for essays.

“When I began my postgraduate degree I visited the Student Support Desk and explained my feelings and they offered me a dyslexia test. The test showed that I have some characteristics of dyslexia and they arranged for me to have a formal diagnostic assessment with a qualified psychologist.

“Following my diagnosis, I received a tutor who was able to support me with work. I went on to achieve a Masters with distinction. If you feel like you’re struggling or have any concerns, please talk to your Student Support Team.”

Find out more: Read the full interview with Sky on Prospects.ac.uk

You may have experienced difficulties with your studies and think you have dyslexia. Or your school or college may have suggested that you might have dyslexia but they were unable to offer you a diagnostic assessment.

You could be missing out on extra support that can help you achieve your goals.

The University offers Dyslexia screening for students who have been struggling with their learning and want to understand why.

The team also supports students with other additional study support needs that may arise from a disability, a long term medical condition (including mental health), specific learning difficulties such as ADHD and social communication conditions like autism.

Don’t miss out!

Contact the Health & Wellbeing Team (Disability) to find out how we can enable you to reach your full potential.