Here to be Heard: 3 Ways You Can Use Your Voice

Published by Beds SU

There are three main ways to have your voice heard here at Beds SU. Continue reading to find out which way suits you.

1. Submit Feedback Online

Our simple form to share your feedback is available on the Beds SU website. You can use it as many times as you need to, can access it anytime from anywhere and feel confident that your feedback will be responded to and valued by the SU and the University. 

The form is particularly great if you’re not sure where your feedback should be sent, don’t feel that you need to speak in person to someone, or don’t have that much time to spare. Student voice begins with you: fill in the online form and staff from Beds SU will receive your thoughts, then work in partnership with the University to ensure that your feedback is sent to the most appropriate place and that you get a response as soon as possible. 

2. Attend a Meeting 

If you prefer to have your voice heard in person, we hold many meetings, each with an important purpose. To discuss feedback on any part of your academic life, the meeting to look out for is the Student Voice Forum (SVF), held once per term for each School/Department. 

Student Voice Forums

Student Voice Forums are informal meetings between students, academic reps, staff from the SU and your School/Department.

All students and staff in your School/Department are invited to attend SVFs and, with such a diverse group of people in the room, we at Beds SU can make sure your feedback is passed onto the right person or resolved right there in the room.

No problem is too small for a Student Voice Forum. They’re a perfect space to build connections with students and staff from across your School/Department, get to know the academic reps in your School, and make your voice heard. You’ll get an email to tell you when your next SVF is coming up. 

Union Parliament

Beds SU is run by students for students and Union Parliament is the SU’s way for students to tell us what you want us to be focusing on, and hear updates on what we have been doing for you.

All students can ask questions to Union Parliament and consult on our policy ideas however you will need to speak to one of your student community leaders to tell them how you think they should vote.

Union Parliament is now completely online and works on a 3 weekly cycle so you can get involved at a time that suits you.  

Student Network meetings

Our student networks work to represent groups of students from communities widely acknowledged to experience or have experienced oppression, exclusion or disadvantage. If you are from one of these communities and have views on how we can better represent you and your community, join one of our networks and attend one of their meetings.

3. Speak to a Representative 

If you would like a Representative to take on your feedback and get it to the right places, there are a range of people elected to represent you and support your voice. 

Course Reps

Course Reps volunteer their time to establish a clear and straightforward line of communication between students on their course and the University. They play an active role in termly Student Voice Forums and can share your feedback there or talk to Beds SU and University staff to make sure that your thoughts get to the right people.

Elections for Course Reps take place in the first term of a course and are voted in by the rest of the students on their course. Look out for the upcoming Course Rep elections in your classes, be sure to nominate yourself if the role sounds right for you and vote on who you think can best represent your views to the whole university. All Course Reps receive training from the SU to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Course Reps can also nominate themselves to become Senior Course Reps, which enables them to represent the views of their fellow students in Portfolio Executive Committee Meetings. This ensures that staff at the University are receiving student input at every point of their decision-making process. 

School Reps

School Reps are elected in Term Three by the entire student body and are the key communication link between Course Reps, Faculty Staff and the SU. They are trained extensively in how to best represent your views in Faculty Academic Boards and have regular 1:1s with the SU. 

Academic representation is a priority of the elected officer team at the SU. If you would like to discuss an academic issue with this year’s Education Officer, send him an email. You can also find the contact details of our other elected officers on the Beds SU website.