Higher Education in the UK

Published by University of Bedfordshire

A warm welcome to our new international students

Read our guide on what to expect when you arrive and what you need to do in your first few weeks with us.

Please make sure you read and respond to any emails from the University before you arrive, so we can help you to settle in.

A new and exciting challenge

When you get to the UK as an international student, studying may seem very different to studying at home.

Depending on what you’re studying, what level you’re studying at and where you’re studying you may be faced with having to do things differently than what you’re used to.

For example, you may be responsible for managing your own research and time, instead of being prescribed set work. You may have coursework to complete in your own time, or you may have a number of exams to test your understanding.

Take a look at the advice from the UK Council for International Student Affairs.