How to Access Your Student Email Account

Published by University of Bedfordshire

As soon as you have fully registered at the University, you will have your own University email account. Please familiarise yourself with how to access this, as University staff will use this account to keep in contact with you.

You should also use this account to contact your teachers and support services, so that we can easily verify that it is you sending us the email.

Access via MyBedsLife

If you have downloaded the MyBedsLife app, you can access your inbox and calendar, and compose new messages from within the app.

Access via a web browser

You can also access Outlook on the web by visiting

What is my email address?

Your email address will normally take the format

You can find out what your email address is once you have logged into Outlook. When you’re in, click/tap the circle in the top right corner of the page.

Further help with Outlook

If you need further help with using Outlook, go to the Microsoft website which has a series of help guide videos on various topics.