Cumberland Lodge

Welcome 2020 Advertising Partner

Overall the society is designed to foster a better understanding of what Freemasonry is, how it supports society in general and how it promotes self-improvement.

For those students (Female or Male) who are interested in becoming Masons it will provide the contact details of local groups (‘Lodges’) for them to consider, but there are no expectations from either an interested student or Lodge, that any member of the society will become a mason, unless they desire it.

We will aim to be sustainable by having 3 or 4 students, who are going to be at University for the next academic year, running the society so that they can learn and then pass the role down.

What we do as a society

  • To run events designed for social interaction, traveling overseas, hiking, golf, chess, archery to name a few.
  • Be involved with local charities as TLC (Teddies for Loving Care Bedfordshire).
  • To provide education and advice about Freemasonry.

7 Reasons to join Freemasonry

  1. Make new friends with people who care
  2. Involve yourself with acts of charity
  3. Learn how to be a better person
  4. Join a brotherhood with members worldwide
  5. Good things last. We are the oldest brotherhood in existence
  6. You’re invited to a huge range of social events
  7. Learn ancient allegories and be part of something different

If you would like to get in touch with us, message us on our social media or email us.