Radio LaB 97.1FM: Join Our Award-Winning Radio Station

Published by University of Bedfordshire

Radio LaB 97.1FM: The soundtrack of the University of Bedfordshire

If you are keen on making friends, learning some new, transferable skills, and having fun at the same time, you should consider joining Radio LaB 97.1FM.

What is Radio LaB?

Radio LaB is an award-winning community radio station based on the Luton campus of the University of Bedfordshire – broadcasting to Luton on FM radio and worldwide online. It is student-led, with student voices – many making radio programmes for the very first time – dominating the schedule and playing their favourite music. You don’t even have to be a media or journalism student to get involved!

Radio LaB uses industry standard software, kit and radio desks. We have two fully functional radio studios that enable students and volunteers to pre-record or present live programmes. We have invested in technology that allows us to broadcast live from outside the studio – particularly helpful for live events and special occasions. Guests are often live on the phone, using technologies like skype or zoom, or even in person! 

Why should you join?

Making radio can improve your communication skills, your sense of community and build your confidence. It can help you become more organised and improve your time management skills. But above all it is great fun, it stands out on your CV, and might end up being the highlight of your student experience at University. 

Find out more

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