The Sunflower Scheme – Supporting Individuals with Hidden Disabilities

Published by Beds SU

The Sunflower Scheme is a global initiative aimed at offering individuals with hidden disabilities a simple way to make their invisible impairment visible through the wearing of a lanyard, wristband or presenting a card displaying the sunflower logo.

Beds SU is a member of the Sunflower Scheme

Beds SU proudly signed up to support the Sunflower Scheme in 2020, training all staff to recognise the ways in which individuals may need extra help to access our services or venues in the hope of ensuring individuals with hidden disabilities feel more comfortable in our spaces.  You don’t have to wear the sunflower however to ‘prove’ your disability, Beds SU believes in self-identification and so be assured you can ask for help anytime.

How and where to access support? 

You can buy an official lanyard, card or wristband from the organisers of the scheme and if you chose to can wear it or present it to Beds SU staff who will talk with you about the support you need in a safe and confidential place and then offer any assistance we can. 

The sunflower isn’t only recognised within your SU, but in a growing number of transport hubs (e.g. airports) and public spaces (e.g. shopping centres), check out the ‘find the sunflower’ locator on the site for details on all businesses supporting the scheme near you. 

Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people that you may need additional support, help or a little more time – this may include around communal areas, social spaces or catering outlets on campus. The lanyard and scheme does not entitle you to additional study support.  If you require additional support with your studies, please contact or visit 

If you would like to tell us how we can make your experience better please contact us here or email us